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Smart Transport Technologies

V2X Connectedness System

Smart Transport system must incorporate measures to contain the disruptive impacts of autonomous vehicles. The traditional mode of surveillance, monitoring, offline planning must give way to tiered system that allows transport authority proactive supervisory control, yet performs decentralized collaborative auto healing at congestion nodes. Simultaneously, coming V2X implementation must be appended with necessary supports to autonomous operation of vehicles. Common theme of the system is the capabilities to support Big Data and Deep Learning, but respectful to privacy and strong defense to data security. 


Moovee attends system architecture foremost in realtime-ness, edge processing, intelligence extraction, before applying Deep Learning techniques. Moovee aims to support transport authority with eGovernment portal as well as business/logistics oriented fleet management, while converges comprehensive road/traffic updates for end2end ridership. Exemplary screens are shown here. 

Moovee sees the current V2X articulation through DSRC/WAVE adequate for drivered vehicles, even though full scale deployment has not been characterized; it is nonetheless deficient for the driverless case. While it is prudent to proliferate DSRC/WAVE system first and be proven, the immanency of rolling out L4 ready autonomous vehicle (circa 2018) would fast diminish the value of this form of V2X.


Moovee offers an autonomous vehicle appraised V2X system with DSRC/WAVE already tested, and is looking for partners to field trial V2X supporting autonomous vehicles. Moovee is working on a LTE version as well.     

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